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The Dance Of Smoke

The main theme is “The encounter” as an individual experience. It is inspired by how the German critic and philosopher Walter Benjamin’s analyzed Charles Baudelaire’s sonnet “To a Passerby”, highlighting the simultaneousness of the encounter’s experience and the perception of the loss, which are followed by the destruction of space and time categories in the urban crown of modern industrialization. In the song and in the photos this shock is faced upside-down. It is the cold, hollow and ghostly city in lockdown the encounter’s setting, whose extreme intimacy, if on the one hand appears disturbing, on the other creates a sense of remote hope and union. With the awareness of the self’s inadequacy, after fears and obsessive meditations, the shock generates a dance of reveries and dreams about a lost perception of time and existence. After the last glance, with the farewell, the magic of these fantasies dissolves into a dance of smoke that shuffles in its own curves, leaving a wistful fog of embarrassment and remorse.

Cr Dir & Model:

Hair: @gennaro_di_costanz

Photo: @giovannisallsano

Fashion & Stylist: @mmp_____93

Prod: @adgs_creators

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