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In Wonderland

Every person on the planet is unique and interesting, like a character from a fairy tale world. We all have our own natural quirk that makes us so different and interesting. Like Alice plunging into wonderland, we can also plunge into our own unique world, where everyone finds their own magic.

There is no place for stereotypes and prejudices in this world; here it is important to live and express yourself as you can, without regard to what others may think.

Nothing is ordinary here, and oddities and uniqueness are encouraged.

Don't hide your oddities and quirks, they are part of your uniqueness. Let them blossom to their full potential and become an inspiration to others.

Don't be afraid to be different from others. Open your heart to the uniqueness and diversity that surrounds us. Open your door to wonderland and allow yourself to be happy, exactly as you are.

You are the main hero of your own story and only you can write your own fairy tale.

Fashion Producer, Fashion Stylist, Creative Director: @bk.stilist

Model: @kroshka_lisss

Photo: @titlexphoto

Model: @vselennaj38

MUA: София Борисик

Model: Венера Юнусова


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