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This path is about the rebirth of the essence. The life of the queen, a sorceress, imprisoned in the dungeon of the underwater king, who became the master of the underwater world, is a continuation of the fairy tale about Marya the Artificer. She did not fight, but dissolved in the water, gained new strength, merged with the water, woven into its structure and was reborn into a new unknown being. She has no clothes on, clothes are a second skin. Her appearance, without which existence is impossible.

Now she is immortal. Her searches, throwings turn into peaceful chastity. She is now: “an intangible, eternal and indestructible entity. It has no parts and existed even before the birth of the body.

idea, concept, style - Anna Derzhavina

Photo: @pieelizaveta

Fashion: @mistakeoftime

Mother Agency: @jq.models_

MUA: @_aleksmake_

Model: @burrilka

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