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Dragonfly island

Dragonflies (lat. Odonata) are one of the most ancient creatures on Earth, the ancestors of modern dragonflies are about 300 million years old. Their habitat is huge, it is found on all continents, excluding Antarctica. That is why dragonflies are firmly integrated into human associations, habits and myths, and many peoples have a special relationship with them.

Dragonflies shimmer in the sun, changing color depending on the polarization and angle of the incident light. This magical property of iridescence has always aroused interest and prompted us to consider the dragonfly a herald of change.

Agile flight and the ability to move in all six directions was awe-inspiring to the warriors of many cultures. The dragonfly is a favorite symbol of strength among Japanese warriors. The samurai, who admired the insects' quick and accurate attacks, sometimes referred to them as katsumushi ("winning mistakes"). Hoping to attract victory, warriors used dragonfly motifs on armor, quivers, and even swords.

Md: Lada Lyumos @ladalyumos

Ph: Natasha Yankelevich @natasha.yankelevich

Style: Elena Tash @elenatashstyle

Assit: Vasia Khromov @hromov87, Viktor Borodenkov @villy_barankin_

Muah: Tatyana Osipova @osipovatanyaa

Clothes: Tali Rutman @greedyrutman, Getman Jewelry

Outfit: Elena Tash @elenatashstyle, Getman Jewelry @getmanjewelry, Amplituda Design @amplituda_design, Iuli Rent @iuli_rent

Pp: Sergey Shmakov @sergeyshmakov_ru

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