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Disposable love: the prosthetics of presence

The relationship between humans and virtual pets reflects that in the postmodern society, the way people communicate, build relationships and consume objects has changed, objects are disposable and relationships are perishable. In the book do androids dreams of electric sheep? People living in a dystopian society where a huge nuclear war happens and most creatures go extinct. So it became fashionable and also costly to own a real animal as a pet, many people couldn’t afford it, so they buy realistic-looking robot imitations of real animals and treat them as real pets. In a postmodern society, connection to the body becomes more alienated and humans see reflections of themselves through digital portals, having splitted minds inside a digital landscape.

Virtual pets are realistic in appearance, but in general, are just some programs and algorithms, but they can generate real emotions and empathy, offering a sense of companionship. Through this fashion collection, I want to portray a community that is being trapped by all the mixed conflicting emotions, and being manipulated by artificial intelligence. Developing technology brings people closer to each other, but humans are even more lonely and vulnerable than ever.

Fashion: @vivmoonl

Photo: @vcai_photo

Model: @alinazeezhang

Model: @elinradz

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