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The Vampire Lovers

Inspired by the 1974 lesbian horror film, “The Vampire Lovers,” a sapphic exploration of lust, desire, and beauty. Playing in the space between romantic light and ominous shadow-- an innocent virgin meets a dark seductress, confronting her repressed fears and desires. What is it that haunts us? These images examine the infinite terror of the sublime, and captured with a full team of Texas-based bipoc/ poc creatives, subvert the historical whiteness of horror.

Stylist & Cr Dir: @whiskeyrivervintage

Cr Dir & Photo: @tennyrudolph

Cr Dir & Model: @laurynsephuss

MUA: @jadeandalon_

Model: @iamblonsh

Model: @b.ecaliciouss

Model: @soleterex

Model: @era__extrana

MUA: @eesabella_

MUA: @xochitlsocheel

Assistant: @khalilosborne


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