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The Lamentation

The Lamentation is a construct about the emotional and mental state of a young privileged batch of humans, who struggle to take the most out of the least.

It is the tale of the unfulfilled; a sweet neo greek drama on a voided complaint; a pillow fight and an inner war of noisy and stubborn soldiers to conquer the advantage of doing nothing.

Through fashion, beauty, and drama, the seed of unbelief grows, taking its victims from indolence to defeat, leaving no space for the flags of resilience and victory.

The meaning of elements:

The Empty Canvas - the pursuit of identity

The Ivy - the poisonous doubt growing upon the dust

The Veil - the emotional shield

The Feathers - the hollow idea of freedom and power

The Tears - the defeat and the relinquishment of the self

Photo: @aguiart.visuals

Model: @kekevioo

Model: @maegli_

Stylist: @kemalkawawi

Assistant: @chiara.mompo

Assistant: @leonlavq

Hair: @alexy.makeupartist

MUA: @linda.belkahla


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