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Polish Glaze

"a combination of sensual Polish elegance with a hint of madness, where Polish culture intertwines with modern style. The session is meant to exude power, self-assurance, and yet eccentric charm. It's a moment that takes us on a journey through time, merging memories from the 2000s. Polish culture portrayed in the context of family moments and childhood dreams, enriched with elements crucial to Polish identity. The entire editorial evokes nostalgia and brings back memories of our childhood that everyone always talks about. With this session, we wanted to revisit our childhood years to feel how beautiful the dawn was back then." - @czterysetka

Photo: @czterysetka

MUA: @rubersz_makeup

Stylist & Assistant: @h.pt__01

Light: @szlugi_zatkalymigardlo

Model: @italitwiniec

Set Des: @lidpol

Hair: @delfiniunia

Stylist: @dominikaakonik

Bacskstage: @justaphhh

Light: @t_a_r_k_a

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