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Les yeux sans visage

Womanhood, a delicate tapestry woven from imagination, curiosity, and bold brushstrokes, unfurls upon life’s grand stage. Each girl, a living canvas, doubts her existence with hues of laughter, tears, and whispered secrets.

In the spotlight, she pirouettes through awkward dances, donning costumes and masks of self-discovery. Her heartstrings resonate with the rhythm of whispered dreams, and her steps echo the cadence of whispered secrets.

Her script? Unwritten, yet etched in the constellations of her eyes. She weaves narratives from stolen glances, clandestine notes, and the soft rebellion of unbound hair. The audience leans in, captivated by her silent soliloquies.

Womanhood is performance art: a symphony of scraped knees, whispered crushes, and the unfurling of wings. She dares to be both muse and artist, sketching her essence across the canvas of time.

The woman is the product of all the love ever given and received, all the hate ever shouted, and all the lives ever lived. A complex creature, never seen as human, the woman performs, entertains, and plays for the human.

Our creation is meant to showcase two different types of women:

The soft, business casual one, with a twist of unconventional fashion that MiuMiu portrays.

The fierce woman, almost unbearable and scary in the fashion industry, a motive often approached by Alexander McQueen. How much the woman scares one is in the eye of the viewer, who can either understand the creature and work with its power or try to diminish the woman so they are on the same level as the human.

Cr Dir & Stylist: @beatriceeet

MUA: @pvoxx

Model: @corasutopia

Photo: @_emhr_

Photo: @thecojo27


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