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In the mood for love

"I wanted to make a story, an homage to the film “In the Mood for Love” (dir. Wong Kar-wai)

This is a dramatic picture that tells about the complex relationship between a man and a woman that occurred in unusual circumstances. They developed feelings for each other, but, unfortunately, they did not stay together.

There have already been many fashion shoots based on this film, all of them with the participation of female models and men. But in my story I want to photograph only a man, because I think he is interesting, charismatic, with his own style and uniqueness. And of course, I want to introduce modern elements into this shooting (due to style, light, a more unusual reading of history)."


Photo: @pieelizaveta

Model: @ajo.bol

MUA: @si1ence_artroom

Stylist: @k_vorotnikova

Modeling Agency: @ultramodelsagency

Assistant: @daniilkovall

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