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A study shows that flowers are the most popular gift for women with 49%, followed by perfume and chocolate. However, flowers are not in the top 10 gifts for men. The study on the relationship between men and flowers was conducted by Motivaction on behalf of Flower Bureau Holland. The research took place in July and August 2021. A representative sample of a total of 5393 consumers age 18-70 in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK and France was studied.

Gift cards, spirits, clothing, books and electronic devices are most often given to men. But flowers and men are not a contradiction....

The same study shows that no less than 41% of men enjoy receiving flowers from a woman. And about a quarter of men also like receiving flowers from a man as a gift. Moreover, 22% of men buy flowers for themselves at least once a month. Not only that, it also seems that men, just like women, feel really happy thanks to flowers. They usually experience positive feelings such as happiness, appreciation and love when they receive a bouquet of flowers as a gift.

If men love flowers more than we think, why do we rarely give them a beautiful bouquet? The answer seems to lie simply in our beliefs and expectations. We think that men prefer to receive something else as a gift and that they do not appreciate flowers as a gift.

The fact that giving flowers to men is a taboo that is being broken more and more often is also shown by the study. Almost half of the people surveyed think that the opinion that flowers are a "women's thing" is outdated. In addition, 4 out of 10 respondents agree with the statement that while giving flowers to men has always been taboo, that is now changing. And another third said they would like to see more of men and flowers, for example, in the media. In short, men and flowers are a match.

Photo: @nellydreidt_photography

Model: @onin9_


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