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Body hides me 02

I want to use this set of photos to explore the connection between "femininity and the body." The connection between the body and the feminine essence is very strong, as the body itself is her shell, while also limiting her expansiveness and possibilities. It's like a soul being placed into a container, and the entire life of that soul is about constantly transforming this "container" to make it more suitable for itself. Some people may even change their souls because of this "container." It seems like everything is forced to be accepted, but things will get better over time, just like an ancient Chinese saying: "Mountains are not mountains, and water is not water." Ultimately, mountains are mountains, and water is water.

Photo: @linnjiang12

Hair: @mengling715

Model: @we_cant_be_wores

Stylist: @euruoyyy

Assistant: @无

Retoucher: @china_weifeng

Assistant: @无

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