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Big Boy

Growing up is a journey that everyone takes, and it's a journey that is unique for each person. The Big Boy is a fashion editorial that celebrates this journey, showcasing the different stages of growth and development that a boy goes through.

At the heart of The Big Boy is the idea that growth and development are not linear. Instead, they happen in stages, each one building on the last and shaping the person that we become. The editorial follows a young boy as he grows from an infantile superhero into a super sporty athlete, and finally into a fully-grown person with a beautiful peacock tail.

The first stage of the editorial is all about play and imagination. The boy is dressed in a superhero costume, ready to take on the world and fight for what he believes in. He jumps, he runs, he leaps tall buildings in a single bound. He's a reminder that, no matter how old we get, there's always a part of us that wants to be a superhero.

In the second stage, the boy has become a super sporty athlete. He's still energetic and full of life, but now he's focused on achieving his goals through hard work and dedication. He's wearing athletic wear that showcases his strong and toned physique, a testament to the effort he's put into his training.

Finally, in the last stage, the boy has grown into a fully-formed person with a beautiful peacock tail. He's confident, self-assured, and unafraid to show off his unique and individual style. The peacock tail is a symbol of his growth and development, a reminder that the journey from boyhood to manhood is a beautiful and transformative one.

The Big Boy is a celebration of diversity, fashion, and uniqueness. It shows that there is no one way to grow up, no one path to follow. Instead, we are all on our own journeys, shaping ourselves into the people we are meant to be. This editorial is a reminder to embrace that journey, to celebrate it, and to wear our growth and development with pride.

Stylist & Cr Dir: @arutarustamyan

Photo: @josespaillat

Model: @kyrylo_k

Hair: @smonden_

MUA & Hair: @smonden_

Retoucher: @ohmy.retoucher


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