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It is a photographic series that captures the essence of beauty that is hidden in the most subtle things. Ramé is the chaos of beauty and beauty that recomposes chaos. It is that aroma in the fury of a storm and the vibration of the changes that make us grow. Everything that shakes us and wakes us up, that impulse we take to open our wings and dare to fly. To live without fear.


It took place in Medellín-Colombia on April 25, 2023.

The objects that are reflected in this photographic series go around its concept, seeking to find beauty in multiple objects that are shown as chaotic but that in turn reflect that beauty that exists in chaos and it is possible to explain the relativity of things and how it is possible to see through different points of view, as in this case it would be to see the beauty within the chaos, thus combining textures, cuts, and different types of things that form a chaos and at the same time harmony in this series of images .

The visual style and inspiration is also based on the contrasts of daily life, especially in the history of the world, such as celestial bodies and their opposites such as demons, also making reference to the beauty of the celestial and the chaotic of the infernal or demonic taking my base colors that have a great contrast in the first part but showing a part the heavenly and "harmonious" and in the second giving it a little more fire, rebellion and fury as they try to represent the demons also from a more daring way finally bringing out all the fury of the character, with more fiery and daring colors that reflect the infernal nature of the image.

The red and black colors highlight how and the different textures highlight how that duality between chaotic and beauty. The exotic, extravagant with the usual and ordinary.

MUA & Hair: @laurasuarezmakeup_

Photo: @miguelavl

Model: @isabellabuiles_

Fashion & Stylist: @jeriijero

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