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The sound of rock and roll still haunts and influences contemporary youth. As the vanguard of rebellion and revolution in the 1970s, rock music challenges tradition, questions authority, explores taboos and emphasizes individual freedom of expression, which is the precious spiritual wealth left by rock music. Glam rock not only innovates and broadens the boundaries of rock music, its gorgeous and exaggerated stage costumes and images have a profound impact on fashion, but also continues to explore issues of gender identity and sexual orientation. I filmed three models as the

embodiment of "me" in the story, combining rock makeup, hairstyle, and clothing with them to truly complete this fashion photography about self exploration, gorgeous rock and rock spirit. I showcase the musician's "romance, fancy, tenderness, and wildness" through the form of storytelling. The dream of a rock superstar under my camera has finally been realized.

Photo: @sanmin.album

Cr Dir: @nn_linda

MUA: Wenying Shen

Model: Adam

Model: Alex

Model: Ivan


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