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A noir road movie in colour. Two outlaws, caught in a web of suspense, danger and romance, on their way to “Lee’s” in Chinatown.

The editorial is the product of a collaboration between two Serbian artists, designer Tatjana Ostojic, and cinematographer Lazar Bogdanovic.

Tatjana Ostojic is a multidisciplinary fashion designer, born in Belgrade, based in Milan. She runs her personal fashion brand, but also has a vast experience working as a print and pattern designer in companies such as Versace, as well as a stylist and designer in various other projects, from mainstream brands to designing fashion leg prosthetics.

Lazar Bogdanovic is a leading Serbian cinematographer with more than 500 music videos under his belt, as well as countless commercials. Lazar is known for by his specific style and approach to colours and light.

Fashion: @tatjana_ostojic

Fashion: @tatjana_ostojic

Model: @_maja_maric_

Model: @pixel.qt

Photo: @lazar_bogdanovic_dp

MUA: @mariadjakovic


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